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张霄 Xiao

CMO / Composer

作为电影配乐师,在毕业于四川音乐学院之后赴美留学研习电影配乐专业,并擅长于制作多种音乐风格,比如史诗,恐怖,交响等。在美留学期间曾为多部电影配乐,其中包括Official Selection和Hot spring’s International Horror Film Festival提名短片 Chad Martin 与 Butterfly。

2016年作为 Wanderer Music 公司创始人之一,回国后曾参与制作万合天宜《禁锢之屋》,名堂盛世《超级王爷》等电影的配乐工作。

As a film composer, After Xiao graduated from Sichuan Conservatory of Music, he has learned “Music Production for Visual Media” in the United States, and he’s good at creating diverse musical styles, like Epic, Horror, and Orchestra, etc. Also, he cooperated with Taiwanese Film Director Tong Wu with his nominated short films “Chad Martin” and “Butterfly”

In 2016, as one of the founder of Wanderer Music, he participated and scored several feature films with Chinese local Film Companies.

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