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高雄啸 Xbear

配乐师 Composer


高中开始学习作曲合声,通过不懈的努力,于2011年考入四川音乐学院作曲系电子音乐专业。大学期间主修作曲,辅修钢琴。因成绩优秀,于2013年赴日本与日本东京大学师生参与电子音乐交流。2014年3月参加全国MIDI考试获得Ⅲ级证书,同年6月参加全国电子音乐制作大赛,以作品《原始人之战》获得优秀作品奖。对于电子音乐以及电影配乐有着更高的追求,代表作有《magic battle》 《诺曼底之战》。

Xbear, who started learning the piano when he was very young, and extremely interested in the classical music, he also holds extraordinary perseverance. Due to his mother is a music educator, who provides him a very favorable environment , he successfully passed his 10 –level piano test when he was only 15. Afterwards, he started focusing on the piano improvisation and classic orchestration.


Xbear started learning the compositional harmony in high school, with tremendous effort and hard working, he was enrolled in Sichuan Conservatory of Music and majored in electronic composing in 2011. Afterwards, with his excellent grades, he was allowed travelling to Japan for learning electronic music in University of Tokyo as an exchange student. In March, 2014, he participated in the nationwide MIDI competition and granted the third level reward. 3 month later, he also participated an electronic music competition, and granted the honorable rewards for his project “The Battle of Primitive Man”. Ebear holds great passion about electronic music and film composing, his music career will never end. He is also known for his projects “Magic Battle” and “Battle of Normandy”


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