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刘曾平安 Watson

配乐师 Composer

刘曾平安, 武汉音乐学院作曲系毕业的学院派作曲人,并于2013年赴美国旧金山艺术大学深造影视配乐,获得硕士学位证书。2016年在洛杉矶 Zaw Studios担任配乐师以及后期助理,同时也担任微电影、纪录片、广告方面的花絮拍摄者并参与了多次实地拍摄,如《爱上超模》在海外的节目录制,Prestige私人飞机公司的商业宣传片,德国天才少年歌手Mike在洛杉矶的MV拍摄等等,从而在整个过程中结合实际拍摄对配乐在影视产业中所起的作用有了更新的认识和了解。在美国期间, 还参与过信乐团成员阿信于16年10月在洛杉矶Pasadena的演唱会,担任其现场策划团队Fantasy的后期助理。同时还同纽约电影学院的电影专业在校生团队一起合作拍摄过自己的个人钢琴弦乐作品MV《The Shelter》。

Watson Liu, the professional composer graduated from Wuhan Conservatory of Music , and granted his master’s degree of Music Production of Visual Media at Academy of Art University in United States by 2016. Afterwards he worked at Zaw Studios in Los Angeles as composer and production assistant writing music and shooting B-rolls for short movie, documentaries, TV show and advertisement such as I-super model episode in Los Angeles, Prestige private airline company commercial, and the MV shooting of the Germany talented young singer Mike. With tremendous amount of opportunities working on the filming set, he got a lot of experience and better understanding about how music can have a huge impact to the entertainment industry. Back to the last whole year working in United States, he also has attended vocal concert of Shin as production assistant in Pasadena Los Angeles, and collaborated with the film professionals from New York Film Academy for creating the music video of his personal piano and string project ”The Shelter”.

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