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安硕 Shuo An

Audio Engineer / Sound Designer

作为音频工程师,安硕在2009年开始工作于都柏林 Temple Lane Studio,之后作为自由音乐人活跃在爱尔兰音乐行业。作为音乐人和音频工程师参与过各类风格的音乐制作,参与制作了 Ben Folds,MUSE,Rihanna 的歌曲制作。

2011年开始涉足电影以及视频短片混录,2013年开始作为混录师为爱尔兰国家电台制作系列节目“寻找”,“关于绿色”, 以及 Guinness storehouse 的宣传电影。

2016 年加入 Wanderer Music,2017年为央视制作节目《朗读者》。

As a sound engineer, Shuo An started his career at Temple Lane Studio, Dublin. Worked as a freelance music producer and audio engineer cross different genre of music and artist, such as Ben Folds,MUSE,Rihanna.

In 2013 he started work as a Re-recording engineer who produced RTE’s TV programs such as “Finding” and “About The Green”. Also as a re-recording engineer worked in the Guinness storehouse’s promotion films.

Joined Wanderer Music in 2016, as a sound engineer produced CCTV’s TV program “The Reader”.

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