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刘吟夏 Leah

Audio Engineer / Sound Designer




2013年被美国旧金山艺术大学(Academy of Art University)录取,主攻视觉媒体作曲及音效设计(Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media即影视配乐专业),获硕士学位(目前全美影视配乐专业最高学位)。


近年来创作了大量优秀音乐作品,涵盖了中华民族传统音乐、当代好莱坞影视风格音乐及民族、流行歌曲等,尤其擅长大型管弦乐的编配,主要有电影预告片《Doll》、3D动画电影《Daft Legacy》、微电影《A Gift》、2016全国助残日公益微电影《爱心接力,棒!》等30余部配乐作品,其担任配乐的微电影《最后一天》荣获“2016中国梦(浙江)微电影大赛”三等奖;创作歌曲《你好吗?》、《榕树上的弯月亮》、《情诗》、《喵星人》等,为家乡镇江而作的《焦山是个好地方》,荣获2015年“美丽三山形象歌曲华语地区征集大赛”第三名(铜奖)。


Yinxia Liu is an award-winning composer whose scores draw from such diverse influences as traditional Chinese music, contemporary film scores, and the works of Danny Elfman. Liu’s work includes the soundtracks of Doll, The Last Day, and Daft Legacy, as well as "The Glamorous Jiao Mountain" that won prizes in the Original Song Competition and Instrumental Composition Competition, Jiangsu, China.

Liu is skilled at collaborating with production teams to create superb soundtracks that reflect a colorful musical palette. She brings confidence and a well-trained ear to the studio, together with expertise in both hardware and software music technology.

Liu has an MFA degree in the Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media program at the Academy of Art University. She also holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition and Theory from Nanjing University of the Arts, and is an avid player of keyboard.

Scoring Compositions:

2016 “Dynasty” - Scoring for Game, Chinese Ancient Dynasty Style

2016 “Fighting With Me” - Scoring for Game, Warfare

2016 “Dark World” - Scoring for Game, Warfare

2016 “Have Fun” - Scoring for Online Casual Game

2016 Scoring for 2016 National Disabled Day Commonweal Short Movie Love Baton

2015 Scoring for Short Movie The Last Day by Zhenjiang Culture and Media Industrial Group

2015 Scoring for Horror Movie Trailer Doll 

2015 Scoring for Short Movie A Gift 

2014 Scoring for Short Movie Gameplay & Foreplay 

2014 Scoring for 3D Animation Daft Legacy 

2013 Scoring for Stop-motion Animation My First Paradise


“Cat”“Love Poem”

“The Old Banyan”

“The Spicy Xuyong”

“Five Soaring Dragons”

“The Glamorous Jiao Mountain”

“Heart Trip”

“How you’ve been?”

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