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James Darkin

Audio Engineer

James Darkin has racked up sessions with Kanye West, and Rihanna, for Eminem's ‘Love The Way You Lie’, over his decade plus on the Irish music scene, as well as mixing for Hozier, Gavin James and the new album from The Funeral Suits.

He cut his teeth as an assistant engineer at the legendary Sun Studios in Dublin, working with many influential producers including Michael Beinhorn, Stephen Street and John Cornfield, as well as engineering sessions for Paolo Nutini, Fun Lovin’Criminals and Sinead O’Connor.

He has produced various bands and artist over the world, albums that he has produced and engineered critically acclaimed albums for Turkish rock giants Duman, their latest Lp‘DarmaDuman’ entering the charts at #1 in Turkey, as well as remixes for Katie Kim, Come On Live Long and R.S.A.G.

James Darkin 曾经与制作人 Kanye West 一起制作了 Rihanna 与 Eminem 的单曲 ‘Love The Way You Lie’。也是格莱美提名歌手 Hozier,Gavin James,Snow Petrol 的混音师。

从一名在 Sun 录音棚的助理到一名录音师,James 与很多富有天赋的艺人与制作人有过不同程度的合作,其中有 Michael Beinhorn, Stephen Street,John Cornfield, Paolo Nutini, Fun Lovin’Criminals 和Sinead O’Connor。

James 的音乐慢慢的收到了世界范围内的认可,由他制作,录音和混音的土耳其殿堂级乐队 Duman 的新单曲‘DarmaDuman’在土耳其曾经一度排名第一,除此之外,他还为Katie Kim, Come On Live Long and R.S.A.G做了Remix的歌曲。

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