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Gian Berselli

Composer/Music Producer

Born and raised in Brazil, with passages through Italy, United Kingdom and the United States, Gian Berselli is an international soul. Fluent in 3 languages, and with basic knowledge in 3 more he thrives as a communicator; but it is through music that he is able to express himself fully.

Son of a great pianist, Gian has been in contact with music as early as the age of 4. His first instrument was the piano, later switching to the Electric and Acoustic guitar. Gian had his first band at the age of 11 and started performing locally at the age of 13. He has been on local newspaper early on, and had the chance to inspire many local artist with his music.

By the age of 18 he started his undergraduate degree in filmmaking, a knowledge that would later become a great asset to his scoring career. He has made many films, including an award-nominated T.V pilot in Brazil’s biggest T.V festival. 

By the age of 21 Gian moved to Europe, where he had the chance to perform in countries such as Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, France and U.K. He was offered record deals in London, but refused in order to finish his undergraduate degree.

Later after that, by the age of 24, he moved to San Francisco to pursue his Master’s degree in Music for Visual media. It was then that Gian fully embraced his career as a composer. Since then he has composed music for over 25 films, scored 3 films that were part of the Cannes festival, and he also scored a film that was highlight of the biggest documentary festival in South America.

Gian specialities are; songwriting, strong ambient/synthesized cues, and world music, but he does not underperform when writing for orchestra, and smaller ensembles. His experience as a film director makes his scoring abilities exquisite, for he understand deeply the process of filmmaking and storytelling and since music is his main language, he can compose as fast as spoken language!

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