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Fergal Davis​

Audio Engineer

Fergal Davis has had a long career as a mastering engineer, record producer and music composer.

He started as a song writer and a bassist in numerous bands and started write music for films and TV programs. His credits include Sinéad O’Connor and Muse and countless clients from all genres of music from the past 2 decades. As a music composer, he has delivered numbers music to many movie company such as HBO, RTE, Paramount Pictures,Inc, and others.

作为一名作曲家,唱片制作人和母带工程师,Fergal Davis 有着丰富的经验和很好的名誉。从一名贝斯手和唱作人,慢慢变成一名给电影和电视节目配乐的作曲家。他曾经为 MUSE, Sinéad O’Connor 等诸多不同风格的歌星和乐队制作唱片和歌曲,同时作为一名作曲家为各大电影和电视节目公司输送作品,其中包括HBO, RTE, Paramount Pictures,Inc和其他一些不同的组织机构。

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